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American Racing offers a complete line of over one hundred precision-crafted alloy wheel styles under five different brand names with the same pride, innovation and enthusiasm upon which Romeo Palamides' original vision was founded. The company distributes more than 1.5 million wheels annually through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, company-owned, satellite-connected warehouses, an independent distributor system in the United States and through international distributors in over twenty-two countries on four continents. AR is the Official Wheel of California Speedway, Don Schumacher Racing, and Universal Studios' The Fast & the Furious.  Click the wheel name below for details on sizes, bolt patterns, offsets, and center caps.


Truck/SUV Wheels

AR-23 Outlaw I Outlaw II Torq Thrust ST Polished Ventura
Polished Nitro Polished Atlas Polished Python Polished Baja Chrome Orleans
Black Fuel Black Cartel Teflon Mojave Chrome Torq Thrust ST Chrome Fuel
Chrome Cartel Chrome Wolverine Chrome Nitro Chrome Atlas  


Passenger Wheels

Razor Estrella Black Rogue Casino Coil
Black Casino Black Rebel Chrome Aero Chrome Rogue Chrome Casino
Chrome Coil Chrome Razor Chrome Rebel    


Vintage Wheels

Ansen Sprint Vector SE Torq Thrust D Rodmaster
Torq Thrust Original Torq Thrust II Hopster Chrome Torq Thrust D
Wheel Types
 Chrome Wheels
 Polished Wheels
 Machined Wheels
 Painted Wheels
 Teflon Wheels


Tech Corner
 What is Offset?
 What is Backspace?
 What is Hub Bore?
 What is Bolt Pattern?
 Measuring a Wheel

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